Will Ponyhoof support Microsoft Edge (the new browser for Windows 10)?

We can only submit Microsoft Edge extensions to the Microsoft Store after their human approval. We cannot do this for obvious copyright concerns.

We may consider Tampermonkey as an alternative install method, similar to how we required Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey on Firefox/Chrome, but from our past experience dealing with user support questions, they were not reliable, made troubleshooting problems harder as sometimes Greasemonkey itself causes issues, and made installing Ponyhoof semi-clumsy (you would need to first install a helper extension to install our extension…)

If you are an advanced user who would like to try the Tampermonkey userscript version of Ponyhoof, please private message us.

Advanced users can attempt to sideload the Chrome extension using developer mode, but there will be no official support for this. Some features such as auto-updates might also not work.

Last edited on 2018-06-25